HR Debatable


Our last debate is inspired by a LinkedIn post by one of today’s guests, namely Alexandre. Here’s what he said: "You know what I’m tired of - companies that don’t think about off-boarding as much as on-boarding when it comes to employee experience. We are in an era with so much economic uncertainty and where lay-offs are rife, so at least do the right thing (and put some thought into it). Not only that, if you are getting innovative with how to on-board employees, you can do the same with off-boarding. Now is the time to impact the future of work. Be bold and do something different - don’t just follow the same old tried and tested recipe. These employees might not work for you anymore - but they’ll definitely remember their experience.” While onboarding has been on organization’s radar for years, offboarding remains behind. Good, recent stats seem hard to find, but various articles state that around 71% of companies have not implemented a formal offboarding process. Not only does this impact the employee experience, it also opens the door for a variety of security and other risks. All of this brings me to our third and final statement of today: Future of Work: Organizations that don’t offboard will be left behind.