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The relevance or not of CVs has been a topic in the world of work for years. For some, CVs are an outdated tool and a thing of the past, while for others, they remain an important instrument in their quest for that ideal candidate. Research from software company Arctic Shores found that 43% of younger workers said that CV are an outdated recruitment model. And 39% said they would prefer a personality assessment instead. As technological developments go faster than ever before and as hard skills expire more rapidly than ever before, one can question the relevance of former education and acquired skills and by extension question the relevance of the CV in today's world. At the same time, CVs have been a part of the recruitment process since the 90s and many recruiters still use them as a way to narrow down their search when they receive hundreds or even thousands of them. For lack of a better way to do so? Or because that's what's most effective? In this video our HR experts Linnea Bywall and Elena Spiliotopoulou debate on the following statement: "CVs are dead. It's time to move on to more modern alternatives."