HR Debatable


Slack's 2023 State of Work Report found that, for instance in the UK, 30% of an average worker's day is lost to activities merely meant to appear productive. When the internet became mainstream years ago and emails made their entrance into our world, expectations were that people's productivity would skyrocket. It didn't. Partially perhaps due to the rise of smartphones and those being a big distraction for people also in the workplace, but partially perhaps also because human beings simply physically and mentally cannot be productive eight hours a day. What if we reached maximum productivity already years ago? The arrival of generative AI such as ChatGPT seems to have many people believe once again that employees' productivity will for sure see a big increase. But will it? Or will nothing really change in terms of our productivity? And if not, is it then perhaps time for us to rethink the eight-hour workday? In this session our HR experts Linnea Bywall and Elena Spiliotopoulou will debate on the following statement on Employee productivity: "We've reached maximum productivity a long time ago. It's time to introduce a four-hour workday."