HR Debatable


As 2024 is just around the corner, HR trends articles are starting to pop up again. One of the trends identified for next year by the Academy to Innovate HR is the end of BS jobs. This is a term introduced a decade ago by David Graeber, he talked about socially useless, and thus - in his words - bullshit jobs. Research shows that 37% of British working adults believe their job is not making a meaningful contribution to the world. Another, more extensive study covering 47 countries found that 17% of workers are doubtful about the usefulness of their job. With changing employee expectations, flatter organizational structures, and fewer middle managers with larger spans of control, BS jobs are back on the agenda. HR is uniquely positioned and has access to all the tools needed to get rid of BS jobs while still ensuring gainful and meaningful employment. This brings us to the next statement: 2024 will mark the end of BS jobs.