HR Debatable


According to Miriam Connaughton, Chief People Officer at Simppler, retention will become a bigger priority in 2024 as anxiety about current and future economic conditions continues to linger and impact talent turnover. There can be many reasons why people want to leave the company they’re working for: - Wanting a higher salary - Wanting to feel valued - Seeking a better management relationship - Looking for more recognition A recent study by Reward Gateway shows that, when it comes to Gen Z workers in the UK, nearly half of them (46%) feel their work goes unrecognised making them more likely to become dissatisfied with their jobs and leave. It’s not a secret that giving employees recognition - for instance via an employee recognition program - can help companies retain their people. In fact, when larger businesses double their employee recognition efforts, they experience a 9% increase in productivity and a 22% decrease in absenteeism. And yet, isn’t it a tad too easy to point the finger towards the organization, the manager, and even HR? Isn’t recognition a two-way street, one that starts with each and every one of us saying ‘Thank you for a great job done’ or just a heartfelt ‘Thank you’ a little bit more often to our co-workers, our managers and yes, also to our HR team?