HR Debatable


Employee benefits have been a hot topic over the past years. Companies come up with the most creative benefits to attract candidates and retain their current employees. In a way, one could even go as far as to say that we’ve seen something like ‘the battle of the benefits’. We can distinguish four main categories of employee benefits: - Benefits at work; think of free lunch and snacks, but also working hours and time off. - Benefits for health; think of medical, dental, and vision insurance plans, and wellness programs. - Benefits for financial security; think of retirement and pension plans, and personal finance benefits. - Lifestyle benefits; think of mobility benefits simplifying commuting or things like extended parental leave and onsite childcare. While the list of benefits that companies offer is ever growing and becoming more innovative, the way in which they offer those benefits to their employees hasn’t. The vast majority of organizations offers the same benefits package to all its employees. But someone from Gen Z with no kids who just starts working will be less interested in extended parental leave and onsite childcare and want a different benefit instead. And someone who already has their health insurance covered via their partners’s employer may also want something different from their benefits package. The statement that will be debated in this video is: "Employee benefits should be customisable. Period."