HR Debatable

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Virtually every single job today is changing under the influence of technology, including HR. What started with databases and spreadsheets has grown into an entire ecosystem of interconnected systems and apps. From recruitment to exit interviews: technology is claiming its place in every HR process. And, especially since the advent of Generative AI, artificial intelligence is now knocking on the door. It is increasingly difficult to keep a clear view of the forest and the trees, let alone find your way easily between all the technologies and platforms. And what about the added value and return on investment of all those applications? How do we keep HR "human" when bits and bytes are taking over? Let me give you some more concrete examples of the latter: · Automation over personalization: Automated processes such as resume screening, Applicant Tracking Systems, and chatbots that answer employee questions may streamline tasks, but lack the nuance and empathy that human interaction provides. · Data-driven decision-making: HR technology leans heavily on data analytics to make decisions about hiring, performance evaluations, and workforce management. While data-driven insights can be valuable, they can overlook the human element and fail to account for individual circumstances, emotions and non-quantifiable factors. All these elements combined lead to our final statement of today: HR Technology takes the Human out of HR practices eliminating human interaction and empathy from the workplace.