HR Debatable


The inspiration for our second debate comes from a post our moderator came across on LinkedIn last year by Yagmur D: “There's no HR for HR. Think about it: who does HR go to when they're having an issue with their team? Their own manager? Who does HR go to when looking for advice on how to advocate for themselves? In HR, we spend so much of our time thinking about how to help employees and we often deal with difficult and emotionally draining challenges on a daily basis that we can forget that we are an employee who need support and empowerment, too. And while some people might argue that HR doesn't need HR — after all, aren't they supposed to be the experts on all things work-related? The truth is a lot more complicated. Such as things like asking for a raise always get tricky and most HR professionals will be keenly aware of how much access to data they have - and the fear of coming across as abusing that power. I can't tell you how many HR professionals I've known who worry about improperly leveraging the information they have when asking for a raise - and end up short changing themselves as a result. Who does HR go to when they need objective perspective for lack of onboarding issues, and lack of communication issues? Sometimes, we just need someone to check in on ourselves and show support.” All of this brings us to our second statement of today which is nice and short: There is no HR for HR.