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The inspiration for this first debate comes from a conversation Neelie had with Kim when they first spoke about her joining for an episode of HR Debatable. They talked about the fact that we seem to see more and more HR practitioners leave their role as an employee in a (large) organization, sometimes after years of working for that organization, to go and do fractional work or become an HR consultant. Kim mentioned how she joined a fractional HR Leader group in October last year counting around 35 people at the time, and how that same group currently has over 500 members. Neelie decided to dig a little deeper and found out that AIHR’s 2024 State of HR report noticed 1) a mass exodus from HR people before they get to CHRO -level, citing personal ambitions, family and organizational politics as main drivers on why they want to rather consult, coach, or do something else and 2) that the fractional idea is rising in terms of giving people flexibility. Add to that the slightly older statistic that only 4 out of 10 senior HR leaders have the ambition to become CHRO sometime in the future and we may be able to say ‘Houston we have a problem.’ The question is, why are we not hearing about this? Are companies even noticing that their HR people are leaving in droves? How different would their reaction be if this would be happening with their marketing, finance or sales teams and subsequent CFOs, CMOs, etc? Food for thought and for our first debate based on the following statement: There’s an HR Exodus taking place and nobody cares.