Cegid Connections Retail 2024 - Eleva la tua esperienza nel retail

The plenary sessions

Retail. Accelerate the pace

P1 – Retail. Set a new pace

Part 1. 
Welcome Back! 
This opening session promises to be energising, inspiring and rewarding. We intend to draw upon the particular challenges facing specialty retailers in today’s new ‘post Covid’ era and look at the various industry, omnichannel, customer experience, technology and data implications and opportunities as well as explore the new phase of the Metaverse. 
Nathalie Echinard, various retail experts and industry leaders reserve an outstanding show for you and everything you need to know to accelerate the pace of change. 
Retailers and brands from around the world will share their experiences over the past 3 years and shed light on which positive aspects should be concentrated upon or speeded up.

Retail. Accelerate the pace 

P2 – Retail. Set a new pace

Part 2
This session explores new ways that help retailers better serve, sell and fulfil their customers and run activities with more agility, efficiency and competitiveness. The session will reflect on the future of the physical store and the new roles of store associates. 
Discover Cegid Retail Live Store, the latest generation of collaborative and omnichannel apps to harness the power of your stores’ sales staff. During this session, you’ll learn more on our product strategy & roadmap, solutions and new professional services that are available to improve your own customer experience with Cegid. 
It’s a session not to be missed, led by our expert product teams, including various case studies and testimonials from specialty retailers. 

Retail. Accelerate the pace

P3 – Cybersecurity, agility and the growing opportunities in the Cloud

At a time when the cybersecurity of retailers is increasingly being scrutinised and put under pressure, (with cyber-attacks continuously making the headlines), this is a top challenge for all CIOs, CEOs and Data Protection Officers. 
Microsoft and Oracle, two global cloud infrastructure giants, will answer your questions, alleviate any concerns and explore how the Cloud can protect your business and becomes a driver for innovation and accelerated growth in today’s new retail. The discussion will be led by a retailer and a Cegid Retail Cloud and Cyber Security expert. 
A not-to-be-missed plenary for any retailer.

Retail. Set a new pace

P4 – Metaverse: buzz-word or the next paradigm shift in retail

For all the talk about the Metaverse, NFTs, digital twins, avatars and so on, Cegid will immerse you in the virtual world of the Metaverse during this concluding plenary session. 
Our expert guests and early adopter clients will decipher for you the terminology, challenges, players, use cases and business opportunities for retail brands, but also the concerns and constraints. Is the Metaverse a paradigm shift and turn out to be something more important than the e-commerce revolution of 20 years ago? 
What is the best way of preparing for it and how is Cegid anticipating these changes? How can we support you? 
Experiential session guaranteed.