Cegid Leadership Programme

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Sponsoring new managers

By deploying the Cegid leadership model, we want to develop a managerial identity around common practices and behaviors and bring coherence and efficiency to all levels of the organization. To reach this objective, we need to on-board all new Cegid managers in this approach. As Cegid Leaders, you embody the Cegid model and best practices and are key actors to engage new managers by:
  • Giving them meaning 
  • Support them to anchor and implement Cegid's good managerial practices 

That's why we want you to be involved as co-buddy Sponsors in the new Cegid Management Program edition. Concretely, you will support a promotion of new managers all along their program, through 3 key moments (1 hour contribution in each class).

Promotion #1

English sessions 6th April pm 3rd May am 1st June am Leading despite turbulences : 1st June am Follow up

Promotion #3

English sessions 6th April am 4th May am 1st June am

Promotion #4

English sessions 7th April am 3th May am 1st June pm

Promotion #6

French sessions 5th April 5 am 24th April pm 24th May am

Promotion #7

French sessions 6th May am 30th May pm 28th June pm

Promotion #8

French sessions 28th April am 2nd June am 30th June am