Cegid Leadership Programme

Dealing with the extension of home office, it is important for our people, to mobilize to turn this new way of working as a performance trigger, for our teams and professionals, to make it a shared success to all. 
To reach the goal, we need you! You are invited as a Manager Leader to attend one of the 90-minutes online workshops (with Teams), in the coming days, between Novembre 8 and 10,  in order to contribute in defining and promoting our future best practices.
Those workshops aim to build up proposals of shared practices on hybrid management (on site / online management), which will be relevant in France and abroad. 
A best management practices guide will be issued based on the workshop outputs. 

We know we can count on your attendance at the workshop and your active contribution on this high matter subject,
We thank you very much in advance. 

Pascal Guillemin

DRH Cegid

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