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Post event  LEADERS MEETING 2024 - JANUARY 22

Back to the “Leaders Day” In this dedicated page, you'll find: 
  • A look back at the key moments of the Leaders' Seminar ‘shared : PPT presentations, your contributions and outputs of the different workshops and photos of the day
  • A space to continue working together to bring to life the initiatives taken during the day

Let's keep up the energy and determination to take action together in the Community and rise to the challenges we've set ourselves!

Photos Leaders Meeting

During the Leaders Day, you brainstormed and worked together to meet the 3 "must win battles" challenges: 

“As Cegid Leader:
=> what do I do to significantly improve the resources reallocations throughout 2024?” - RESSOURCES ALLOCATION
=> what do I need to change in my practices / view / modus operandi, to ensure everyone is concerned, involved and aligned around the decisions we make” - STRATEGIC PLAN ALIGNMENT => what are the critical changes I need to make to renew the intrapreneurship and agility within Cegid?” - SPEED TO EXECUTION 

You'll need 10 engaged Leaders to form a group and bring to life your initiatives, there are still a few places available until 15 February, so don't miss out! 
We will get back to you to organize the kick-off for these workshops, which will be scheduled for early March. 

Let’s get into action together in the Community and meet the challenges we've set !


- Assess / Evaluate / Know… our skills - Individualize training to support AI - Skills gap analysis (train/hire) - Deploy customer culture in the team and organization

SPEED TO EXECUTION - Challenge the status quo

- Accelerate decision-making & action plans after surveys are done - Identify & remove low value tasks / processes

SPEED TO EXECUTION - Develop Accountability

- Leverage empowerment in the team - Allow people to fail & learn (fast) from failure - Develop a culture of REX

STRATEGIC PLAN ALIGNMENT - Agility & Adaptability

- Increase span of control - Work with small & relevant teams - Raise confidence throught teams empowerment - Challenge the status quo


- Organize & display clear delegation - Set-up a continuous measurement - Be clear with consequences