Cegid Connections Retail. Make More Possible - 2019

Plenary sessions
Retail – Make More Possible

P2 - A new golden age for stores

Today consumers no longer need to set foot in a store to buy. They must want to go! Only brands and stores that propose an enriching and "authentic" customer experience by emphasizing the human side will be successful and profitable. What are consumers now seeking in your physical store, and what do they want to experience there? Stores today must be experiential, a place to enjoy, meet people, get away from it all and of course buy. But they have also become an important link in the supply chain, a delivery or distribution point. What is the role of your sales associates? Are they ambassadors, advisors, salespeople or logistics operators? And what is technology's role? While digital is everywhere in the store, it must remain invisible. Our guests will be pleased to discuss the new role(s) of the physical store and will share advice and best practices with you on how to make your stores a great business and customer engagement driver now and in the future. With input from renowned analysts and experts.