Cegid Connections Retail. Make More Possible - 2019

Retail – Make More Possible

May 17 09:00 - 10:15
Room : Los Tapices

WS06 - The Worldwide Cloud reaches new heights with advanced services.

How can you become more agile, perform better, respond to peaks in your retail activity and have the necessary flexibility to meet the demands of omnichannel commerce? The Cegid World Retail Cloud, announced two years ago at the Budapest Cegid Retail Connections conference, has entered a new era – with more than 300 operational customers representing 15,000 stores on the WW cloud and three Azure data centres covering more than 50 countries. Advanced services include: auto scaling, automation, application operations, hyper vision or hybrid cloud functions. Come learn everything there is to know about the latest generation of Augmented Retail SaaS. Customer feedback guaranteed! EN (FR)