Cegid Connections Retail. Make More Possible - 2019

Retail – Make More Possible

May 15 15:15 - 16:30
Room : Los Tapices

WS03 - Mobility, In-Store Digitalization & User Experience

40% of all retailers have already implemented mobile solutions in their stores. This gives an idea of just how far digitalization has already gone. It’s a fundamental trend, but the sales associate and consumer experience still needs to be perfected. For this reason, Cegid has taken an in-depth look at how sales associates and customers use digital solutions. Its objective is to merge all of the interactions between the brand, the sales associate and the consumer before, during and after the sale. How are retailers digitising their stores today? What does Cegid’s user-centric approach look like? All you need to know on Cegid’s omnichannel digital solutions in this session. With customer feedback. FR (ENG)