Cegid Connections Retail. Make More Possible - 2019

Plenary sessions
Retail – Make More Possible

P3 - Cegid & Cylande form a winning commerce strategy

After this keynote session, you will know everything about Cegid-Cylande's commerce strategy. Cegid and Cylande executives will cover the highlights of the last 18 months, the opportunities and synergies the Cegid-Cylande merger have generated and the priorities for investment in the future. Assessment and retrospective: the World Cloud, announced two years ago at the Budapest Cegid Retail Connections conference, is entering a new era. Discover new features for the Shopping solution and for all Cegid-Cylande mobile products. During this session, customers will provide feedback on the Cloud, Shopping Y2 and UR. Return to the future: Cegid and Cylande, now operating as a single organization will unveil their common vision and two new common solutions. Don't miss it!