Cegid Connections HR 2023

Event Agenda

09:30 CEST
09:30 CEST - 09:55 CEST
Introduction and program
Cegid Vision & Strategy
ArnaudArdoin (B SMART)MarcBruzzo (CEGID)
09:55 CEST - 10:40 CEST
Rethink the work experience
Discuss the different business trends and present our product vision
ClaireBourrut Lacouture (CEGID)AndréBrunetière (CEGID)BaptisteDhuvettere (CEGID)XavierPerret (MICROSOFT FRANCE)IsabelleVan Cauwenberge (CEGID)MathieuVanderheyden (CEGID)MohamedZaghou (CEGID)
10:40 CEST
10:40 CEST - 10:50 CEST
Rethink the candidate experience with DigitalRecruiters and GrandVision
An overview of how our latest acquisition is helping companies reinvent the candidate experience
10:50 CEST - 11:00 CEST
Understanding, measuring and acting on the employee experience with Wittyfit
Discover how to go beyond measuring and understanding the notion of employee experience in the company
MarieAndreani (THALES)ThomasCornet (CEGID)
11:00 CEST
11:00 CEST - 11:15 CEST
Yogist - Well at Work
Make (remote) work healthy again !
Anne charlotte Vuccino (YOGIST - WELL AT WORK)
11:15 CEST - 11:35 CEST
Experience & Innovation Round Table
Challenge the future of HR technology experience and the future customer experience in the Human Capital Management world
OlivierArnoux (CEGID)AndréBrunetière (CEGID)
11:35 CEST - 11:55 CEST
Awards Ceremony
MarcBruzzo (CEGID)
13:30 CEST
13:30 CEST - 14:45 CEST
Atelier Cegid Talentsoft Customer Board
Au programme > Update des sujets produit suite à Station F > Présentation de l'organisation sales et services grands comptes > Témoignages clients: Framatome et Orange > Prochain RDV
14:00 CEST
14:00 CEST - 14:45 CEST
Discover Cegid Digitalrecruiters
Involving the manager in the recruitment process.
14:00 CEST - 14:45 CEST
Intelligent Payroll Control: give your data a monthly health check
Find out how Contrôle de Paie Intelligent (Intelligent Payroll Control) will enable companies to carry out a diagnostic of their DSN management, to identify what is going wrong and any errors that may have been spotted, so that corrective action can be taken and followed up.
SanaaBakkouri (CEGID)SophieMayeur (CEGID)
15:00 CEST
15:00 CEST - 15:45 CEST
From voice of the employees to data-driven management
How to put people back at the heart of your HR and management strategy. From prioritising action plans to predictive analysis of the impact of employee feedback on the company's social and economic KPIs, Cegid Wittyfit will show you its unique approach to managing the employee experience.
MaximeAdaoust (CEGID)FloraBrousse (CEGID)
15:00 CEST - 15:45 CEST
Payroll and HR perspective: regulatory overview
Prospects for reforms in payroll and human resources in France's private sector, as currently being discussed by public authorities with software publishers. The emerging new role of payslips, discussed in the plenary session in the morning, will be explained in greater detail at this event. There will also be a summary of the work in progress on portailpro.gouv.fr.
SophieMayeur (CEGID)IsabelleVan Cauwenberge (CEGID)
15:00 CEST - 15:45 CEST
What is the impact of a feedback-oriented culture on employee engagement & performance?
Whether it be for objectifying an appraisal, identifying an employee’s development areas, or encouraging a transparency culture... discover Cegid Talentsoft's vision of the future of Talent management in this interactive workshop.
SophieBarcellini (CEGID)MyriamBoukeraa (CEGID)MayaSanchez (CEGID)
16:00 CEST
16:00 CEST - 16:45 CEST
Core HR: the future lies in creating an ecosystem
Discover Cegid Talentsoft's vision and strategy and how our solution integrates into your ecosystem to support relevant data governance while ensuring your processes and employee experience are respected.
CharlotteBauder (CEGID)DavidJanuel (CEGID)
16:00 CEST - 16:45 CEST
Digital training challenges : how Cegid Talentsoft Learning can help you today and tomorrow
Come and find out how the Cegid Talentsoft Learning module meets your training needs today and tomorrow.
FloraBrousse (CEGID)AdrienHochet (CEGID)
16:00 CEST - 16:45 CEST
Unlock the value of data
Find out how to unlock the value of data and tap into the HRIS goldmine.
FranckBerguig (CEGID)MyriamHetier (CEGID)