Cegid Connections 2018


Rodolphe Borre




Author of "Big data, penser l’homme et le monde autrement" (“Big Data, Thinking Differently About Man and the World” and "L'Ère Numérique, un nouvel âge de l’humanité" ("The Digital Era, a New Age of Humanity"). Rodolphe BORRE commenced his professional career as a salesman for industrial products (pneumatic components, then an industrial supply generalist). He successively specialized in hydraulics and participated in starting up the site Nantes Hydrofluid Technologies, to then take its helm a few years later. This path led him to create EAS'HY, with 4 associates inspired by the RSE principles (Responsabilité Sociétale Des Entreprises, Social Responsibility of Enterprises) and the principles of free enterprise. EAS'HY integrates innovative services such as the predictive maintenance of hydraulic power plants, thus distinguishing itself from competitors.

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